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Tool Control Foam Module Torx T-Handle Wrenches
Product Range
The Roebuck tool range includes over 1,400 individual products and offers a comprehensive solution to all your
hand tool needs.
Key product ranges available include:
• Adjustable wrenches • Bolt-cutters
• Chisels
• Clamps
• Dies
• Drills
• Files
• Hacksaw frames and blades • Hex and Torx Keys
• Knives and blades
• Magnets
• Micrometers and Calipers • Pipe wrenches
• Pliers
• Punches
• Screwdriver bits
• Screwdrivers
• Sockets
• Socket sets
• Tape Measures
• Taps
• Torque wrenches • VDE screwdrivers • Wrenches
• Wrench sets
Roebuck products are designed and engineered to the same standards as more expensive alternative brands.
This means you can be confident that they will deliver the same levels of performance and durability. All Roebuck products are subject to rigorous testing to the appropriate industry standards including DIN, EN, GS, IEC, ISO and VDE.
Remember, Roebuck hand tools are also backed by a ‘Lifetime Warranty’ so you can buy with absolute confidence.

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